Time Management - Corralling the Experimental Factor in your Life

We all suffer from a condition of not having enough time. It's just how it is. The later we wake up, the less daylight we have. The later we go to sleep, the less productive we begin to feel. This is all just a cycle we go through during our days on this earth, and it tends to stress all of us out. Finding a cure for this phenomenon has not been easy and many of us haven't found our own version of it either - when we try to do one thing to tame time, time still somehow seems to spiral back out of our control. Whether you’re a student, working, a parent, or just someone who has a busy schedule, time management is something we all need to find a solution for in order to stay sane. But do not fret, there are ways we can fix this issue - and we are going to help you out. We at UMME Designs know the feeling of losing control of time, especially since things tend to move around the clock constantly. But we have found a couple of things that have helped us in this struggle and would like to share them with you. So for today's UMME Writes, we at UMME want to help you corral TIME: the experimental value in your life, and get yourself back on the road to productivity and happiness.



We would love to say we are on top of everything in our lives, but chances are we aren't. There's always something lingering in the back of our minds, whether it has something to do with our families, our work, our hobbies, our homes, or our own health. Finding an active balance between a heavy work schedule and our hobbies and ambitions tends to become a daunting task that demotivates us and leads to stress and anxiety and just messes up everything. But there are ways to jump over this hurdle and some of them are actually things that you can really look forward to at the end of the day or the week when you just want to let everything go. So first up on our list of ways to find time management, we have the vacation tip. You may be thinking, how is a vacation going to help me figure out a method of time management that works for me? Well, you see, one of the greatest ways to help motivate you is to set your mind free for small bits of time - aka a perfect recipe for a vacation! Now we're not really talking a month-long trip around the world (although that would definitely be helpful in the long run to figure out your desired path), but a smaller, more feasible option like a day trip to somewhere you've always wanted to go or an adventure in your local town or city. Taking time to do something new allows you to get motivated if you're stuck, find creativity if you're bored, and empty out your brain (which allots a perfect space to hold the stresses in your life in a way that won't overcrowd your brain during the busiest of times), all things that will definitely help you figure out your method of time management in a way that works for you.




Another great tip for finding your own means of time management would be through choosing your priorities wisely. We all want to be superheroes and give time to everything that comes our way, whether that be with a friend going through a tough break up or with an unexpected call from the doctor's office about an appointment you totally forgot you scheduled last year. But, truth is, we cannot spread ourselves thin all of the time, life just doesn't work like that. That's why this tip is so important - choosing your priorities wisely (and if possible, ahead of time) allows you to figure out just what you should be focusing your time and attention on and what's not necessarily worth your breath. For example, one of our favorite and top priorities is spending time on ourselves. This can take the shape of a couple of hours of exercise to a 30-minute meditation session to just hanging out with friends on a Friday night instead of working on something that isn't necessarily urgent or is forcing on us too much stress. By taking time out of our busy lives and prioritizing our own well-being, we are able to de-stress as well as prepare ourselves mentally and physically for anything that may come our way, all without spreading ourselves out way too thin for our own good. Finding your priorities is a great way of learning about yourself as well and is a powerful tool in finding your own method of time management.



Want to know one more quick tip that is super helpful in time management? Can we tell you? …. Alright, here it is…. Don't allow your time to control you. This is a really difficult thing to grasp, but just listen to this TED Talk by Laura Vanderkam, a best-selling author and frequent contributor to Fast Company's website. She puts in perspective just how much time we have every day and that in order to make sure that you are in control of your time, you need to decide just what is important and what is not (bringing us back to our previous point). With 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, even 672 days in a month, there is so much time we have that we forget about and waste doing things that don't necessarily help us out in the long run. But by taking back that time and actively figuring out what you want to focus your energy on, you can become the keeper of your time, corral that experimental value in your life, and find your optimal time management practice.



Time management is one of those things that, if not maintained or worked to properly, can lead down a dangerous path of confusion, stress, and so many other things that we all hate. But when proper measures are taken to corral time, life opens up, hobbies are rekindled, friendships are made, and love is spread. We hope this blog has helped inspire you to take time to spend on yourself, put your efforts in things that you actually feel matter, and you will soon see all of the positive effects your time management practice will bring.


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