Fashion is important to all of us; it allows us to promote our individuality and helps us connect with others not only in just our networks or communities but with others all around the world. Fashion is one of those things that always will bring people together, regardless of whether it’s in regards to clothing, shoes, handbags, or anything in the fashion realm. This phenomenon holds true with all types of fashion too and explains why fashion week(s) or magazines or even YouTube videos highlighting the different trends are such a big deal. Someone from all the way around the world can spark inspiration for fashion trends that reach people in even the most remote places, as fashion is a symbol of human conversation. We at UMME Designs want to harvest this love and this form of human conversation to help many of the issues and topics that are at hand and affect so many on a daily basis around the world. From issues in women’s rights to poverty to even education for children, UMME Designs wants to use the love and passion for fashion to help positively impact individuals, families, and all who are affected every day all over the world by different issues they have no control over. UMME Designs was founded on the basis of #compassionthroughfashion and from the day it was started this motto has been held at the heart of our efforts and everything we do; we believe in 1+1=11% and we continue to push and promote this phenomenon in all aspects of UMME Designs. Every handbag that is purchased, 11% of its price is donated to a charity that is picked each quarter because we believe that our efforts and the customers’ efforts added together can make the biggest impact possible. So, join us on this mission to “light the way to a better world, one handbag at a time.” 


UMME Designs delivers a modern alternative to traditional luxury.  An American company, our goal is to bring international relevance to our social enterprise and proliferate fashion as a force for good.