Social Impact

We believe that 1+1=11%.

What does that mean?

It means that when two people, two groups or two parties work together, the result of their collective efforts is much greater than 2. The combination of positive effort works exponentially and UMME Designs is on a mission to unleash this impact. At UMME Designs, we pledge to contribute 11% of our revenues to solve the world’s most urgent issues: Promoting equality, Fighting against hunger, Providing safe water and education, and protecting our environment Are among some of the most important.

We have an audacious plan for our future—one that we are uniquely suited to—and an extraordinary opportunity to make modern fashion an inherent catalyst for doing good. 

Our mission is to drive community partnership to eradicate world issues.

Our business, brand, culture, and COMMUNITY are WORKING relentlessLY in the pursuit of positive social impact and our goal is to make an indelible imprint on the social enterprise ecosystem. 

An ambitious participant in the impact landscape, we aim every day to enrich the lives of countless UMME customers and drive positive change around the world. So, join us on our journey to HELPING light the way to a better world, One handbag at a time.


UMME Designs delivers a modern alternative to traditional luxury.  An American company, our goal is to bring international relevance to our social enterprise and proliferate fashion as a force for good.