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Ready for the sun, the #UMMExSummer2017 Collection is your go-to collection for all bright and beautiful handbags. Ranging from classic shapes like The Manhattan to eye-catching designs like The Statement, this summer collection will be sure to help you make your impact in fashion while making an impact in the world.

Soft leather exterior and compact design allows for easy wearability day and night while its long le..


Original meets modern, this shoulder bag’s classic beauty makes it perfect for any occasion. Compl..


The name says it all - The Pumpkin handbag is a beautiful round-shaped handbag that is classic to UM..


Its bright and beautiful four-color striped exterior makes this satchel stand out from the rest. Cra..


Dark blue hues and brown leather trimmings bring us back to the denim days, where adventures await a..


The smaller counterpart of The Tommy, this compact shoulder bag will be sure to secure all of your i..



UMME Designs delivers a modern alternative to traditional luxury.  An American company, our goal is to bring international relevance to our social enterprise and proliferate fashion as a force for good.